The Turducken

No, it’s not a turd…it’s actually a turkey that’s stuffed with a duck which, in turn, is stuffed with a chicken. All deboned, of course. As suggested by mental_floss, I will stuff it with sausages, wrap it in bacon AND deepfry it. Perfect manly thanksgiving noche buena meal!


Samsung LCD TV

I remember catching a glimpse of a Samsung LCD TV being sold in one of the bigger appliance stores in Glorietta for only Php18k, down from Php22k. I didn’t catch the specs or designation, but an seller is now hawking a Samsung 22″ HDTV LCD LA22A450 Series 4 for Php17,499. I checked the specs here and it seems that it already has one HDMI port in the back (but none on the sides) – perfect for┬áthe PS3 that I’ll my son will be getting for his birthday!

Given the high price of LCD TVs (with HDMI for the impending PS3) in the market, I was initially toying with the idea of getting an LCD monitor like the HP W2228H being sold on, which is 22″ and also has HDMI. Granted, it won’t do TV, but I thought the PS3 deserves that HDMI link for best results (the better to play Call of Duty hehe, Mrs. ‘toy pwede naman di ba? I’ll file for SL while he’s at school!). But with the Samsung LA22A450, the Php2.5k difference is already the price of a TV box.

For the uninitiated, take note that not all LCD monitors with run the PS3 even if you buy an HDMI-to-DVi connector. Make sure your LCD monitor supports HDCP first before you connect your HDMI-to-Dvi connector to your PS3, otherwise all you’ll get is a blank screen.

Alpha 400

Engadget did a piece last May 2008 on the Bestlink Alpha 400, a supposedly dirt-cheap netbook to beat all netbooks, price-wise. An seller is now selling the Alpha 400 for Php9,000, which may be cheap but considering that the Asus 7012GB SSD is already being sold by Villman at a special price of Php8,999, the Alpha 400 should probably be sold for something nearer to Php5k.

Filipino Ingenuity

I’d have to say that there are a lot of crackpot Pinoy “inventors” who’re always out to get a quick buck from the unsuspecting, but somebody all the way from Dumaguete City in the central Philippine province of Negros Oriental has actually invented a new way of transporting live tropical fish without using water. This blog details the story but the video below from AP captures this ingeniuos invention.

Ticketnet and Barney

When you’ve got kids who enjoy that purple dinosaur, you’ll most likely end up watching a Barney live show in case one comes to town. Well, Barney has and is performing in several SM Cinemas around the Metro and we scored tickets online over the weekend. I got the confirmation email the other day and proceeded to actually pay for the tickets yesterday at the SM Makati customer service counter.

While actually reserving the tickets online was a breeze, we stood for 20 minutes in front of SM ladies who seemed to not like us or the other customers at all – they kept frowing and mumbling and whatever while processing our tickets. 20 minutes just to pay for tickets that we already reserved! Jeez! It seemed to me that the terminal they were using was either really old and slow or the connection it had to their network was slow, hence the long wait for confirmation.

It wasn’t all bad, though, since we only paid Php2,750 for 5 tickets (we got the cheapest tickets since the show is just in a movie theater, not in an arena, and besides, I didn’t want to fork Php5,000 for 5 people to watch a 45 minute show) instead of the Php3,000 indicated in the email I got. Wrong calculation? Maybe, but who cares? In addition, they also swiped by SM Advantage Card for shopping points!

Life and Google

Never knew Google teamed up with Life Magazine to provide an online archive of Life’s thousands of photographs. Photos from the US Civil War are particularly interesting to me. Visit the site.

Another why-didn’t-I-think-of-that gadget

Roll-up mouse pad + speakers + USB Hub!