The Next Thing

First, there was Sqeezable Bacon. Now, it’s Meatcards – your contact details seared on beef jerky with the use of a laser. 


That should get your message across, unless, of course, you’re vegan.

Via Uncrate


What will they think of next?!

Squeezable bacon. That has got to be the nutiest thing I have ever heard. What’s next, squeezable lechon?

At least, it hasn’t got any preservatives and is reportedly as healthy as as the real thing (because it’s made from the real thing). Okay, so it’s not THAT healthy…

squeezable-baconVia Likecool.

Portable Espresso Machine

For coffee lovers everywhere, this machine should satisfy cravings for espresso any place or time you feel like it. Visit their homepage for more info.


mypressi TWIST

mypressi TWIST

Via Uncrate.

Non-water drinks

Pocari sweat. Vitwater. Powerade. Gatorade. Propel. Do they really work? Or are they no better than regular water?

In the case of Gatorade, I’ve heard doctors actually recommend them as a substitute to Pedialite, and other re-hydration formulation that taste like crap. But the new stuff that’s coming out these days claim to be enhanced water – enhanced with vitamins, minerals and, of course, that sweet/salty/sweaty taste. Maybe that’s why Pocari Sweat is named that way – it’s actually the sweat off workers in its factory.


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