Bargain Samsung Omnia

Originally released in August 2008 at a price of around Php34,000, Janjanman of is now selling a new Samsung Omnia for just Php19,500, and is also selling it at Php19,400 (both with 8GB internal memory). Talk about a price drop! This one’s very highly rated over at GSMArena and is actually on my list of phone options, finances permitting. Much compared to the iPhone for its own touch-screen user interface, the Omnia has a 5MP camera, an accelerometer, HSDPA, BT, Wifi, GPS, runs off WinMo 6.1 Pro and has an SD card slot for expansion. Now that’s gotta be a better deal than an iPhone!

Omnia - image from Samsung Philippines

Omnia - image from Samsung Philippines

Another phone that’s been on my list is the Samsung i780. Although introduced in 2007, the price of the i780 early this year was still around Php17,000. Janjanman is now selling this for only Php11,500, while it’s even cheaper at at Php10,900. Much like the earlier i600 (which was the subject of an earlier post), the i780 has a QWERTY keypad, cameras front and back, HSDPA, BT and Wifi, but in an upgrade to the i600’s features, the i780 now features a touchscreen, runs off WinMo 6.0 Pro (probably upgradeable to 6.1) and has GPS. It’s also highly rated at GSMArena


i780 - image from Samsung Philippines

i780 - image from Samsung Philippines

 Between the two, it’s obvious that the Omnia is the better deal. But I wouldn’t mind having an i780 in place of my current no-frills Nokia!


Price drop on Nokia 5800

Php17,200 at ; Php16,400 at


The Nokia E63 is now going for Php11,500 at

Nokia 5800 ExpressMusic Tube

Technograph reports that the Nokia 5800 Expressmusic Tube is now available for pre-launch orders for the price of Php20k. The launch date is set for late January 2009. However, seller janjanman120 is already selling one for Php21,600. I want too!