Acer Aspire One: The Dream

Had a very vivid dream last night about the Acer Aspire One. I was somewhere in a sea of Ones and everyone was trying the get one – Black Friday, I think. Thinking that there was enough for everyone, I fell asleep. I woke up and only two units were left – one blue, the other pink. I grabbed both units and tried to switch on the blue one – all I got was static, and had to knock the unit to get rid of it. After that, it was smooth sailing on my new One. Then I woke up.

Wala lang.


The Turducken

No, it’s not a turd…it’s actually a turkey that’s stuffed with a duck which, in turn, is stuffed with a chicken. All deboned, of course. As suggested by mental_floss, I will stuff it with sausages, wrap it in bacon AND deepfry it. Perfect manly thanksgiving noche buena meal!

How to destroy a giant ant colony

In the name of science, these guys poured 10 tons of cement for 3 days into a giant leaf-cutter ant colony and left it for a month to dry. After that, they carefully excavated the colony, revealing just how massive a giant ant colony is. Thanks to Mentalfloss.

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