Great Green Idea

We use liquid soap at home as the primary method for hand washing – the better to avoid passing on bacteria and other nasty stuff when using soap bars. Of course, we try to buy refills instead of completely new ones once empty, but sometimes, you just can’t avoid buying new bottles, either because they’re sold in bulk (too big) or, more likely, the color of the liquid soap does not match the intended bathroom (my wife’s quirk). As a greener way of selling liquid soap, Newsoap recycles old PET bottles by filling them with soap (or any number of other liquid cleaners) and fitting them with the necessary dispensing caps.  A brilliant idea!

Thanks to Crunchgear.


Filipino Ingenuity

I’d have to say that there are a lot of crackpot Pinoy “inventors” who’re always out to get a quick buck from the unsuspecting, but somebody all the way from Dumaguete City in the central Philippine province of Negros Oriental has actually invented a new way of transporting live tropical fish without using water. This blog details the story but the video below from AP captures this ingeniuos invention.

Bloodhound SSC to the rescue of Brit school children

It seems that the Brits are at it again. Not content with taking a car past the sound barrier, the Bloodhound SSC (Super Sonic Car) is being developed to go even faster than the original Thrust SSC. Bloodhound will reportedly be powered by an EJ200 (the jet engine that powers the Eurofighter Typhoon) AND a rocket.

So how do they justify spending millions on this ego-trip? Well, the avowed purpose of this exercise is not just to set a new world record but to help inspire Brit school childred to do better in school. Read the story from the BBC.

A Different Kind of PV

Engadget had an article here on a different kind of solar photovoltaic (PV) panel that could change the way solar energy is harnessed. Solyndra‘s solar PVs are arranged into rods instead of the more familiar flat panels, which requires either securing the panels semi-permanently or using ballasts to prevent the wind from taking it all off. Also, the rods-as-PV need not be tilted towards the sun and catch more light, even those refelcted off the roof itself. Pretty neat!


I recently got this chain-email about the dangers of eating Pangasius, a type of freshwater catfish endemic to the Mekong Delta and grown for export primarily in Vietnam. The email asserts that this fish is fed a lot of gunk and basically lives in gunk.

Well, I did my research and found that the culture of Pangasius is actually being promoted in the Philippines as it is a much sought-after fish in the North American and European markets (it’s sold as fish fillets). Also, it’s actually raised much like bangus, or milkfish, as the Pangasius is an omnivore as an adult. Though it can eat kitchen waste, pelleted feeds are preferred for faster growth.

More on this site on the culture of Pangasius.

Seismic Monitor

Just stumbled on Seismic Monitor,  where one can monitor the world’s seismic activity in real time. Clicking on the Philippines reveals that a magnitude 5.2 temblor was recorded yesterday, 08 October 2008, off the island of Samar. What’s cooler about this site is they have a historical view of the entire world’s seismic activity!

…and what about the Philvolcs site? Well, it’s “address not found”, of course…