Amphibious Assault with a Ford Fiesta

Here’s the inimitable Jeremy Clarkson proving that all the world’s amphibious assault forces need not buy specialist equipment to undertake a sea-borne beach assault…


What happens when an Everest meets an IED


‘nough said.

Korea’s K-11

Where the Americans failed with their Objective Individual Combat Weapon and the Germans failed to field the caseless-cartridged H&K G11, it appears that the Koreans are about to outdo everyone else with the imminent fielding of their own K-11, a weapon with both a 5.56mm rifle and a 20mm grenade launcher.

The Armed Forces of the Philippines is, of course, stuck with Vietnam-era M16’s – note that this isn’t even the M16A2 or the M4 with its rails for adding flashlights, scopes and the kitchen sink.

More pics of the K-11 here.


Two of the coolest toys a man could ever get – a working miniature Ferrari like the one featured on Top Gear (Youtube video here) and this (which I saw here) – 1/6 scale Tiger 1 tank:

Bloodhound SSC to the rescue of Brit school children

It seems that the Brits are at it again. Not content with taking a car past the sound barrier, the Bloodhound SSC (Super Sonic Car) is being developed to go even faster than the original Thrust SSC. Bloodhound will reportedly be powered by an EJ200 (the jet engine that powers the Eurofighter Typhoon) AND a rocket.

So how do they justify spending millions on this ego-trip? Well, the avowed purpose of this exercise is not just to set a new world record but to help inspire Brit school childred to do better in school. Read the story from the BBC.

Of Human Dogs and Tennis Shoes

There’s always news about the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan from traditional sources like CNN, but Michael Yon’s Blog puts a real face to words like Taliban, al-Qaeda and Falujah. In his latest entry, we see how locals tell who’s the real Taliban from the rest of the Afghan populace (Taliban wear tennis shoes along with their traditional garb), and how a “human dog” can have a worse bite than a bark.

It’s interesting to note that even in a seemingly backward country like Afghanistan, mobile phones and small digital cameras (though the ones in the picture may have belonged to the French who were killed) are in use. I’m curious as to how the infrastructure to run a mobile phone service is set-up and maintained in a war-torn country like Afghanistan. According to my brother (he’s in the local mobile phone industry), he’s got a friend who’s currently working in Somalia, setting up a mobile phone service there. Must be one helluva job!

Patent on AUGs

As you can already tell, I’m a big fan of all things military. Guns, of course, are near the top. But though I’ve been reading about guns for a while, I’ve never actually heard of a patent on a gun actually expiring, with the attendant copycats coming out of the woodworks with their own reverse-engineered designs.

Modern Firearms recently featured a couple of knock-offs of the Austrian Steyr AUG bullpup assault rifle, including the one pictured below (made by Tactical Product Design (TPD) Inc).

Apparently, this baby is a direct result of the patent on the AUG expiring recently.

Paging our own gun “experts” from Danao City, Cebu! Here’s your chance to copy something worthwhile…and allow our Armed Forces to join a club that includes Austria, Australia and Malaysia, to name a few.

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