Tunable glasses

Engadget reports via The Telegraph that a British inventor has designed a “tunable” eyeglass, one where the wearer can actually self adjust the lenses to suit their needs without needing a prescription. Apparently, the plastic lenses have sacs of liquid in the middle, with the wearer adjusting tha amount of the liquid using syringes. Once adjusted, the wearer removes the syringes and wears the glasses just like regular ones.

What’s great about this invention is that it’s aimed at third world countries where opticians may be scarce, expensive or both.

Personally, I’ve been wearing eyeglasses since my second year of highschool, and having to change prescriptions every so often is an expensive undertaking. I’d totally get me one of these if only to save time and money from going to the optician.


Averatec-badged MSI Wind for Php16k

A seller at tipidpc.com is selling an Averatec-badged MSI Wind for only Php16k. That’s a pretty sweet deal considering that others are selling this for around Php23k.

Scented Notebook, anyone?

This one just takes the cake: villman.com is selling a notebook from Asus that’s infused with different scents that go with the color scheme: floral blossom, musky black, morning dew and aqua ocean. Don’t know if that’ll actually attract more customers, but the specs are pretty impressive – Core 2 Duo P8600, 3GB RAM, Vista Home Premium, ATI Mobility Radeon HD 3470 with 256 VRAM. All for Php70k.

Toshiba Netbook

Stumbled on the Toshiba Netbook NB100 at the Complink website. I heard about this back in October on Akihabara. Never thought they’d actually sell it here. Well, with a price of Php27,990, I doubt it’ll make any waves. Besides, the office bought several Toshiba notebooks late last year and the build quality wasn’t worth the price we paid for them.

Huge Price Drop for MSI Wind

Villman is now selling the MSI Wind for Php19,999 cash. There are actually two versions on their site: first is the MSI Wind U100 (lx+) that does not have any OS (or does it have linux?), and they also list the MSI Wind U100xp Wind for Love with XP Home for the same price. Note that the lx has a 160GB HDD while the xp version only has an 80GB HDD.  I’ll take the xp version, please, even if it comes with those gaudy heart-shaped stickers.

Guess they weren’t selling any Winds at the bloated price they previously quoted (Php26,999).

Update: Complink is also selling the MSI Wind U100XP Wind for Love for the same price.

Cheapest Cellphones

A couple of years ago, Mrs. ‘toy and I wondered if we could afford giving cellphones to our househelp as the family’s Christmas gift – we usually give them Php1,000-worth of stuff (bags, watches, etc), something they wouldn’t normally get for themselves seeing as they usually send a big chunk of their salary and bonus back to family in the province. At that time, Iread in one of the local tech magazines that there was a cellphone model that would retail for only Php900+, right within budget. Alas, a hunt through the malls of Makati yielded nothing. 

Seeing as it is the season again, I thought I’d compile a list of the cheapest cellphones out there just to see if Santa can still afford to give these away. The prices indicated herein are from the oneline store ebuystore.com.ph but most of these units are also available from sellers on ebay.ph:

1. Samsung B130 – Php1,600

2. Alcatel S210 – Php1,600

3. Motorola W156 – Php1,200

4. Sony Ericsson J110 – Php1,650

5. Nokia 1208 – Php1,650

6. Nokia 1200 – Php1,500

Take note that only the Motorola W156 and Nokia 1200 have monochrome screens, the rest have 65k color screens. Of course, none of these have cameras, but that’s to be expected from a budget phone.  Since there’s not much in the way of features, the choice for most will probably come down to looks.

My personal choice? The Sony Ericsson J100.

Nokia 5800 ExpressMusic Tube

Technograph reports that the Nokia 5800 Expressmusic Tube is now available for pre-launch orders for the price of Php20k. The launch date is set for late January 2009. However, ebay.ph seller janjanman120 is already selling one for Php21,600. I want too!