Are you unsure if you are a prostitute?

The online version of the UK newspaper, The Telegraph, has a very interesting section on signs. Here’s one sample:

So, all we need is a security guard…


Update on finds

The finds on are getting better by the day. The seller hawking that HP 2133 MiniNote for Php20k is now selling an Acer Aspire One with WinXP, 160GB HDD, 1GB RAM and a 6 cell battery for only Php19.5k! Regular retailers like Villman still list the Acer (with similar specs) at Php26,892 (with 0% interest for 12 months).

Time for comparison:

MiniNote Pros – Nice aluminium build, good quality keyboard, 2GB RAM and high resolution LCD.

MiniNote Cons – Old VIA chip, Windows Vista and short battery life (reportedly 1-2 hours of real-world use).

Aspire One Pros – WinXP, Intel Atom and 6 cell battery (reportedly 3 to 4 hours of real-world use).

Aspire One Cons – Plastic chassis, 1 GB RAM and lower resolution screen.

Of course, the foregoing qualities are from what I can remember off a number of reviews I’ve read over the past 3-4 months, so it’s not a personal assessment (yet). Also, the amount of RAM in either system is crucial only in relation to the OS that each system comes in – the MiniNote really needs all that 2GB RAM because Vista is such a memory hog.

In the end, I think it will all boil down to which one fits my intended use, namely watching videos and surfing while on our bed. And I think the Acer would win the day because it has the more advanced processor (at least it will be useful for at least the next year or so) and has better battery life.

With the decrease in price of these netbooks, I already feel like a winner (even if I don’t actually get either one) – it proves my theory that buying anything at or near launch date does not really give the consumer the best buy. For computers, waiting 6 months for prices to drop is way better than buying the ultra-latest since you get to buy something that will actually fit your current needs at the price point you are comfortable with.

Finds on

Was trolling through for deals in time for Christmas and found two interesting ones (besides my earlier find with the HP 2133 MiniNote) – a Canon Digital Ixus 860IS for just Php14,000 and a Samsung i780 (with 2GB SD Card) for only Php15,600 (of course, it’s just available in red, so it’s not very business-like but who cares?). I’ve got an old (as in 1-2months old) flyer from one of the retailers of the Canon, and it lists for Php24,950. The Samsung, on the other hand, is listed at Php20k here.

The Canon is, of course, for Mrs. ‘toy who says Cnet rates it at 8/10. If you’re brand-linked like her, i.e. you become attached to a brand because of previous good experience (she’s brand-linked to Nokia, Canon and IBM Thinkpad), then the Canon is a pretty good investment – it’s not THE very latest, but with 8 Megapixels, image stabilizers and very consistent high quality shots, it should satisfy 80% of all our photo requirements. The other 20% should be taken cared of by our Canon EOS Rebel XT and the Olympus 850SW.

The Samsung, on the other hand, is my personal choice if Santa finds the Php20k HP 2133 MiniNote too expensive. It’s got Wi-fi, bluetooth, HSDPA, a touchscreen and can play videos. It’s rated a high 8.4 by GSMArena, and, with its bigger touchscreen and larger QWERTY keypad, should fit my needs better than a Nokia E71.

Again, where the hell is that bonus!?…

Price Drop for HP MiniNote

HP is apparently coming out with a new netbook called the HP 1000 as a replacement for the HP 2133. The interweb reports that this will be priced at $399. The good news, of course, is that the HP 2133 can now be bought for $299 from! Locally, a seller on is selling a brand new HP 2133 for Php20,000 – that’s around Php5,000 more expensive than the $299 Amazon price (at Php50 to $1 conversion), but at least you don’t need to worry about buying a plane ticket to the US, right? Now, where the hell’s that bonus…


Two of the coolest toys a man could ever get – a working miniature Ferrari like the one featured on Top Gear (Youtube video here) and this (which I saw here) – 1/6 scale Tiger 1 tank:

Pumpkin Predator

Now that’s a pumpkin! Click here to see more and read through the artist’s how-to tutorial. Also, get more of these and other stuff from Mentalfloss.

Bloodhound SSC to the rescue of Brit school children

It seems that the Brits are at it again. Not content with taking a car past the sound barrier, the Bloodhound SSC (Super Sonic Car) is being developed to go even faster than the original Thrust SSC. Bloodhound will reportedly be powered by an EJ200 (the jet engine that powers the Eurofighter Typhoon) AND a rocket.

So how do they justify spending millions on this ego-trip? Well, the avowed purpose of this exercise is not just to set a new world record but to help inspire Brit school childred to do better in school. Read the story from the BBC.