Pulgasari – the DPRK Godzilla

They say that the Pinoy movie industry, owing partly to high production costs, is moving towards the so-called “indie” films rather than more mainstream films – I suppose the only difference between being indie and mainstream is the budget, and of course indie filmmakers tend to think of themselves as true eat-one-meal-a-day-rather-than-sell-out artists rather than showbiz people. Things could probably change if the government helped out budding filmmakers, but with the way things are nowadays, it seems that government money is better used by near-retirement police officials for foreign junkets.

Which brings us to today’s subject, Pulgasari. This is a Godzilla-like film produced in and by the glorious Democratic People’s Republic of Korea – that’s North Korea to you people. Yes, a government-backed film.

Of course, the DPRK being what it is, the film had more than government backing – it was made entirely at gunpoint. I kid you not! Oh, well, better stick to indie films, then…