Giant Rhino Beetle Mecha

I don’t get it. What is it with Rhino Beetles and the Japanese…?


Mekanda Tri-Attack!

As a child growing up in Cebu, robots on tv were a big part of my day. My brother and our friends used to watch Voltes V (who could forget the Bozanians with their horns), Mazinger Z (Aphrodai A had those boob missiles, but would always be the typical damsel-in-distress), Daimos (Ericaaaaaaa!) and Mekanda Robot (Mekanda, Mekanda, Mekanda Robot, ta ta ta da da da da, Tri-Attack!). At a time when betamax and VHS were still relatively unknown and/or expensive, we couldn’t really record these shows for posterity.  These days, however, there’s been a resurgence of the Voltes V series (tagalog-dubbed, no less) and a collector’s edition can be purchased from retailers. Even toys are seeing a resurgence. But the Mekanda Robot series has been largely ignored, probably because the original production company went belly-up even during the run of that series – it didn’t even have a proper ending, according to internet sources. But thanks to youtube, one can still be reminded of those carefree summers watching these mechas slug it out in the middle of a Japanese city…

Thanks to for keeping these for posterity.