PS3 Games

The price tag on a Call of Duty: World at War PS3 game disc at Datablitz Parkaquare One was something like Php3.8k++ just last week. When I went to their Shangri-La Mall branch, they listed it at Php2,995. Even Tombraider: Underworld didn’t breach the Php3k mark. The lady at the counter said Parksquare One may not have updated their prices yet.

If that’s true, Datablitz’s prices already rival those on With the added convenience of creditcard shopping!


Samsung LCD TV

I remember catching a glimpse of a Samsung LCD TV being sold in one of the bigger appliance stores in Glorietta for only Php18k, down from Php22k. I didn’t catch the specs or designation, but an seller is now hawking a Samsung 22″ HDTV LCD LA22A450 Series 4 for Php17,499. I checked the specs here and it seems that it already has one HDMI port in the back (but none on the sides) – perfect for┬áthe PS3 that I’ll my son will be getting for his birthday!

Given the high price of LCD TVs (with HDMI for the impending PS3) in the market, I was initially toying with the idea of getting an LCD monitor like the HP W2228H being sold on, which is 22″ and also has HDMI. Granted, it won’t do TV, but I thought the PS3 deserves that HDMI link for best results (the better to play Call of Duty hehe, Mrs. ‘toy pwede naman di ba? I’ll file for SL while he’s at school!). But with the Samsung LA22A450, the Php2.5k difference is already the price of a TV box.

For the uninitiated, take note that not all LCD monitors with run the PS3 even if you buy an HDMI-to-DVi connector. Make sure your LCD monitor supports HDCP first before you connect your HDMI-to-Dvi connector to your PS3, otherwise all you’ll get is a blank screen.