Technograph’s Nokia Giveaway Giveaway

In response to Technograph’s current promo, I’m writing about my favorite as well as my most hated Nokia product of all time.

To start, I dont recall ever owning a Nokia phone that I actually and positively hated – the only thing that comes close is my current back-up phone, a Nokia 1650. This is by far my least favorite phone ever – my old Motorola V3 is better than this, even with the decidedly non-user-friendly interface of the Motorola. Two features that I detest about this phone are its keypad and the OS. The keypad feels very cheap, is too small for my fingers and the keys are not physically separated from one another so that I keep pressing the wrong buttons while sending SMS and the like. Its OS, on the other hand, asks waaaay too many questions and requires the user to press waaay too many buttons just a simple SMS. Even though the 1650 is cheap and has a useful flashlight, the keypad and the OS keep me from recommending this unit.

As for favorite Nokia phone, I’d have to say that my current primary phone – a Nokia 3110 Classic – is by far the best phone I have ever owned. Period. Not only is it cheap (around Php5k+), but the buttons on the keypad are the best I’ve ever used. I’ve own a lot of phones over the years – starting with a Startac all the way to a Nokie E70 Music Ed – and I have to say that pound-for-pound nothing comes close to the usability and cost-effectiveness of the 3110C. Even my wife, who swears by her Nokia E61i, loves the keypad on this phone. So, if you’re not into buying useless phones like the iPhone 3G and do not really need to check your email using your phone (because you have a netbook for that), I wholeheartedly recommend the 3110 Classic. Best Php5k I ever spent on a phone.

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