The Next Thing

First, there was Sqeezable Bacon. Now, it’s Meatcards – your contact details seared on beef jerky with the use of a laser. 


That should get your message across, unless, of course, you’re vegan.

Via Uncrate



I recently got this chain-email about the dangers of eating Pangasius, a type of freshwater catfish endemic to the Mekong Delta and grown for export primarily in Vietnam. The email asserts that this fish is fed a lot of gunk and basically lives in gunk.

Well, I did my research and found that the culture of Pangasius is actually being promoted in the Philippines as it is a much sought-after fish in the North American and European markets (it’s sold as fish fillets). Also, it’s actually raised much like bangus, or milkfish, as the Pangasius is an omnivore as an adult. Though it can eat kitchen waste, pelleted feeds are preferred for faster growth.

More on this site on the culture of Pangasius.

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