HP MiniNote 2140 and 1109TU

Complink.com.ph is selling the new HP MiniNote 2140 for Php23,950 and the MiniNote 1109TU for Php18,990.


Huge Price Drop for MSI Wind

Villman is now selling the MSI Wind for Php19,999 cash. There are actually two versions on their site: first is the MSI Wind U100 (lx+) that does not have any OS (or does it have linux?), and they also list the MSI Wind U100xp Wind for Love with XP Home for the same price. Note that the lx has a 160GB HDD while the xp version only has an 80GB HDD.  I’ll take the xp version, please, even if it comes with those gaudy heart-shaped stickers.

Guess they weren’t selling any Winds at the bloated price they previously quoted (Php26,999).

Update: Complink is also selling the MSI Wind U100XP Wind for Love for the same price.

Update on Netbook Prices

Well, not a complete update, just a partial one – Villman.com now lists the new HP 1001TU netbook for Php21,948 with 0% interest (12 months) payment scheme. The HP1000 is the cheaper version of the HP2133 (I don’t think HP’s replacing the 2133, since it’s still being sold here and abroad). Not to be outdone, Acer’s Aspire One with 120GB is now Php21,400 also with 0% interest (12 months) available. Take note that both have WinXP Home installed but the One has a bigger 6-cell battery. The HP only has a 60GB HDD and a 3-cell battery. I don’t know about build quality, but if the 2133’s anything to go by, the HP may have an edge over the One.

But I’ll take the cheaper one thanks!

Weird thing is, the other Aspire One models, those with Linux and SSD and priced Php15,995 last time, is gone from the Villman site. What gives?

Acer Aspire One: The Dream

Had a very vivid dream last night about the Acer Aspire One. I was somewhere in a sea of Ones and everyone was trying the get one – Black Friday, I think. Thinking that there was enough for everyone, I fell asleep. I woke up and only two units were left – one blue, the other pink. I grabbed both units and tried to switch on the blue one – all I got was static, and had to knock the unit to get rid of it. After that, it was smooth sailing on my new One. Then I woke up.

Wala lang.

Alpha 400

Engadget did a piece last May 2008 on the Bestlink Alpha 400, a supposedly dirt-cheap netbook to beat all netbooks, price-wise. An ebay.ph seller is now selling the Alpha 400 for Php9,000, which may be cheap but considering that the Asus 7012GB SSD is already being sold by Villman at a special price of Php8,999, the Alpha 400 should probably be sold for something nearer to Php5k.

Price drop on Acer Aspire One

PC Corner has dropped their price on the Acer Aspire One. With 08G SSD plus 12GB SDHC (total 20GB of memory), the asking price for this Linux-powered machine with a 3 cell battery is now just Php9,995. Yummy!

UPDATE: PC Corner apparently has had a change of heart and has decided to jack the price up on this to Php11,995! Major bummer!

Update on eBay.ph finds

The finds on eBay.ph are getting better by the day. The seller hawking that HP 2133 MiniNote for Php20k is now selling an Acer Aspire One with WinXP, 160GB HDD, 1GB RAM and a 6 cell battery for only Php19.5k! Regular retailers like Villman still list the Acer (with similar specs) at Php26,892 (with 0% interest for 12 months).

Time for comparison:

MiniNote Pros – Nice aluminium build, good quality keyboard, 2GB RAM and high resolution LCD.

MiniNote Cons – Old VIA chip, Windows Vista and short battery life (reportedly 1-2 hours of real-world use).

Aspire One Pros – WinXP, Intel Atom and 6 cell battery (reportedly 3 to 4 hours of real-world use).

Aspire One Cons – Plastic chassis, 1 GB RAM and lower resolution screen.

Of course, the foregoing qualities are from what I can remember off a number of reviews I’ve read over the past 3-4 months, so it’s not a personal assessment (yet). Also, the amount of RAM in either system is crucial only in relation to the OS that each system comes in – the MiniNote really needs all that 2GB RAM because Vista is such a memory hog.

In the end, I think it will all boil down to which one fits my intended use, namely watching videos and surfing while on our bed. And I think the Acer would win the day because it has the more advanced processor (at least it will be useful for at least the next year or so) and has better battery life.

With the decrease in price of these netbooks, I already feel like a winner (even if I don’t actually get either one) – it proves my theory that buying anything at or near launch date does not really give the consumer the best buy. For computers, waiting 6 months for prices to drop is way better than buying the ultra-latest since you get to buy something that will actually fit your current needs at the price point you are comfortable with.