Yugatech Giveaways

It’s contest time over at Yugatech, with Globe as major sponsor!

Actually, its the first of a series. First one’s all about Twitter. Here are the rules:

1) Follow @abeolandres and @talk2globe on Twitter.

2) Post a tweet “Just entered to win a Modu Phone. Quick! Go follow @abeolandres and @talk2globe and retweet:http://bit.ly/6e2q7O #thanks2yugatech

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Personal Transport

Talking about the future and Star Trek, here’s one tech that might bring us closer to flying personal transports:

Unlike the rocket pack once worn by Sean Connery as James Bond in Thunderball – which usually has a flight time of no longer than a minute – the Martin Jetpack has more juice in it, allowing the user at least 30 minutes of flight at a distance of 8,000 feet.

Via Likecool.

The Next Thing

First, there was Sqeezable Bacon. Now, it’s Meatcards – your contact details seared on beef jerky with the use of a laser. 


That should get your message across, unless, of course, you’re vegan.

Via Uncrate

Best Clock EVER!

Can somebody put this in production, PLEEAASE!

Star Trek ClockStar Trek Clock

Via io9

The Observer

Real-world sightings of The Observer from the Fringe Wiki.


On American Idol

On American Idol

Fringe Spoilers

Mrs. ‘toy and I are huge fans of Fringe and am eagerly awaiting the season finale. Here’s an article that contains spoilers for those with low EQ. I do hope they get signed up for Season 2!

The White City!


Minas Tirith (made out of matchsticks)

Minas Tirith (made out of matchsticks)

The capital of Gondor rendered using matchsticks! Nice.

Source. Thanks to Boing Boing.