Ticketnet and Barney

When you’ve got kids who enjoy that purple dinosaur, you’ll most likely end up watching a Barney live show in case one comes to town. Well, Barney has and is performing in several SM Cinemas around the Metro and we scored tickets online over the weekend. I got the confirmation email the other day and proceeded to actually pay for the tickets yesterday at the SM Makati customer service counter.

While actually reserving the tickets online was a breeze, we stood for 20 minutes in front of SM ladies who seemed to not like us or the other customers at all – they kept frowing and mumbling and whatever while processing our tickets. 20 minutes just to pay for tickets that we already reserved! Jeez! It seemed to me that the terminal they were using was either really old and slow or the connection it had to their network was slow, hence the long wait for confirmation.

It wasn’t all bad, though, since we only paid Php2,750 for 5 tickets (we got the cheapest tickets since the show is just in a movie theater, not in an arena, and besides, I didn’t want to fork Php5,000 for 5 people to watch a 45 minute show) instead of the Php3,000 indicated in the email I got. Wrong calculation? Maybe, but who cares? In addition, they also swiped by SM Advantage Card for shopping points!


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