Early Review for Star Trek

One man’s early  review of J.J. Abram’s re-imagined Star Trek Movie. Can’t wait to see it next week!


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$138 for Rocks and $2000 for a Brick

Although I found this entry in Gizmodo quite amusing, I decided to post it here after reading this on yahoo! news. It seems Best Buy (or Apple) is now selling bricks for over $2000 each while a bunch of rocks and a Chinese newspaper are worth $138 from Walmart (or Nintendo). Obviously, there is no excuse for these kinds of blunders on the part of both the retailer and the manufacturers. The frustrating part for these consumers is the runaround they had to endure (or are enduring) just to get a refund.

Portable Espresso Machine

For coffee lovers everywhere, this machine should satisfy cravings for espresso any place or time you feel like it. Visit their homepage for more info.


mypressi TWIST

mypressi TWIST

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The Observer

Real-world sightings of The Observer from the Fringe Wiki.


On American Idol

On American Idol

Fringe Spoilers

Mrs. ‘toy and I are huge fans of Fringe and am eagerly awaiting the season finale. Here’s an article that contains spoilers for those with low EQ. I do hope they get signed up for Season 2!

Giant Rhino Beetle Mecha

I don’t get it. What is it with Rhino Beetles and the Japanese…?

Back in the day…

Kids these days have it good – mobile dvd players, notebooks, portable media players, portable game consoles. My son, for instance (who’s only 6) has never seen a VHS or Betamax tape, let alone Laser Discs, vinyl disks, 8-track tapes, casette tapes and whole lot of other classic tech. Here’s one ad that never aired in the Philippines (I think), but does remind me of the time when my father had to lug around a lunch box-sized mobile phone with very attrocious signal coverage.

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