Steam Engine in Scale

I’m always on the lookout for science-related things to do with my kids, especially my 6-year old. We’ve already done growing mongo (mung bean) seeds on a wet tissue paper, and will probably do that classic experiment with a potato hanging at the mouth of a jar filled with water (to see how roots grow) this summer. He actually enjoyed seeing the mung beans grow, and hopefully, he’ll also like the potato experiment. We’ve also tried out his volcano kit (a gift from his uncle) and tried to launch a soda rocket. 

Hopefully, when he’s a little older, I can introduce him to this:


Jensen Steam Engine Model #95G

Jensen Steam Engine Model #95G

It’s a miniature steam engine that really works!  It’s built by the Jensen Steam Engine Mfg. Co. and is designed for hobbyists, children and collectors. Of course, there are “commercial” models for display at power plants and the like, but many of their models are geared for science fair projects. The Model #76 Kit, for instance, is for those who want to assemble one from scratch and see it work its wonders.

As for applications, someone hooked a Model #75 to a Lego Technic Motor and started charging his iPod!  (via


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