American Scooters

The Genuine Scooter Company offers Americans the chance to experience what most Europeans (and Asians) have been experiencing for quite some time now – wind-in-your-face commuting, with the occasional bug swallowing incident. Not sure about the prices, but the scooters look great!


The Rattler from the Genuine Scooter Company

The Rattler from the Genuine Scooter Company

The Stella

The Stella



Now, if they could only bring these things here, we might give 2211 Works and their Vespas a run for their money.



  1. Hi, I came across this post via a Google Alert for Genuine Scooters. I run a forum for Genuine owners in the US.

    I’m guessing your in the Philippines, right? I think you can actually get several of the Genuine models in there. Genuine is basically an importer and distributor. Most of their current lineup is made by PGO in Taiwan. Their big seller is the Buddy, which is known as the BuBu or Ligero in Asia and most of Europe. The G-Max was sold here as the Blur in 2006. We also have versions of the PMX and the Big Max.

    The Vespa P clone above is the Genuine Stella. This is actually made by LML in India and is sold as the LML Star in most countries. I think these may be available in the Phil. Like LML, PGO used to make scooters for Vespa and sold various clones into the ’80s. I know there are some of these vintage PGOs in the Philippines.

    Ironically, I’m hoping to check out some vintage Vespas next time I’m in the Philippines (hopefully next year) to see if I can get a deal.

    • Hi, thanks for the info. Nice to know that Genuine uses PGO bikes. PGO is currently represented in the Philippines by Motozentrum (they used to have a website but it’s down now). They introduced the G-max and the Madass. They don’t sell the PMX and Big Max, I think. I was looking to buy a G-max during the height of the gas price increases last year, but am now convinced scooters are not for me (not for the daily commute, anyway).
      That Vespa clone is really nice though. I know one pizza place here in Manila that uses Vespa-looking scooters for delivery, but I’m not sure if this is the LML you refer to. I haven’t actually come across a local dealer for LML scooters.

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