Principle of Committee

Was TV surfing the other day when I chanced upon IBC-13’s late night news broadcast, News Tonight. I know it’s in the vernacular – and by that I mean Tagalog, not Cebuano – but couldn’t they at least research their pieces first before airing?

One of their headlines dealt with Mr. Angara’s lame assertion that the Blue Ribbon Committee’s impending investigation of Mr. Bolante’s involvement in the Fertilizer Scam would violate the “Principle of Committee”, i.e. since the Agricultural Committee had already closed its investigation into the same Scam, the Blue Ribbon would violate “parliamentary courtesy” (courtesy among theives?). I’ve never heard of this “principle of comittee”. Maybe Mr. Angara meant “principle of comity”?

They probably think nobody’s watching them…well, no one should.


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