Update on eBay.ph finds

The finds on eBay.ph are getting better by the day. The seller hawking that HP 2133 MiniNote for Php20k is now selling an Acer Aspire One with WinXP, 160GB HDD, 1GB RAM and a 6 cell battery for only Php19.5k! Regular retailers like Villman still list the Acer (with similar specs) at Php26,892 (with 0% interest for 12 months).

Time for comparison:

MiniNote Pros – Nice aluminium build, good quality keyboard, 2GB RAM and high resolution LCD.

MiniNote Cons – Old VIA chip, Windows Vista and short battery life (reportedly 1-2 hours of real-world use).

Aspire One Pros – WinXP, Intel Atom and 6 cell battery (reportedly 3 to 4 hours of real-world use).

Aspire One Cons – Plastic chassis, 1 GB RAM and lower resolution screen.

Of course, the foregoing qualities are from what I can remember off a number of reviews I’ve read over the past 3-4 months, so it’s not a personal assessment (yet). Also, the amount of RAM in either system is crucial only in relation to the OS that each system comes in – the MiniNote really needs all that 2GB RAM because Vista is such a memory hog.

In the end, I think it will all boil down to which one fits my intended use, namely watching videos and surfing while on our bed. And I think the Acer would win the day because it has the more advanced processor (at least it will be useful for at least the next year or so) and has better battery life.

With the decrease in price of these netbooks, I already feel like a winner (even if I don’t actually get either one) – it proves my theory that buying anything at or near launch date does not really give the consumer the best buy. For computers, waiting 6 months for prices to drop is way better than buying the ultra-latest since you get to buy something that will actually fit your current needs at the price point you are comfortable with.


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