Of Human Dogs and Tennis Shoes

There’s always news about the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan from traditional sources like CNN, but Michael Yon’s Blog puts a real face to words like Taliban, al-Qaeda and Falujah. In his latest entry, we see how locals tell who’s the real Taliban from the rest of the Afghan populace (Taliban wear tennis shoes along with their traditional garb), and how a “human dog” can have a worse bite than a bark.

It’s interesting to note that even in a seemingly backward country like Afghanistan, mobile phones and small digital cameras (though the ones in the picture may have belonged to the French who were killed) are in use. I’m curious as to how the infrastructure to run a mobile phone service is set-up and maintained in a war-torn country like Afghanistan. According to my brother (he’s in the local mobile phone industry), he’s got a friend who’s currently working in Somalia, setting up a mobile phone service there. Must be one helluva job!


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