Patent on AUGs

As you can already tell, I’m a big fan of all things military. Guns, of course, are near the top. But though I’ve been reading about guns for a while, I’ve never actually heard of a patent on a gun actually expiring, with the attendant copycats coming out of the woodworks with their own reverse-engineered designs.

Modern Firearms recently featured a couple of knock-offs of the Austrian Steyr AUG bullpup assault rifle, including the one pictured below (made by Tactical Product Design (TPD) Inc).

Apparently, this baby is a direct result of the patent on the AUG expiring recently.

Paging our own gun “experts” from Danao City, Cebu! Here’s your chance to copy something worthwhile…and allow our Armed Forces to join a club that includes Austria, Australia and Malaysia, to name a few.


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