Fringe v. Obama/McCain

Me and Mrs. ‘toy are currently following Fringe, a hit new show from the US that’s a cross between X-Files and CSI. It airs on Tuesdays, but gave way to the US Presidential Debate this week. Now we have to wait till next week to watch it! Damn that McCain! (Now, just to clarify, I’d rather that a Democrat win the White House race for a lot of reasons but I think Norte Americanos are not ready for a balck man as President. Chelsea Clinton’s mom would have eaten both McCain and Palin for lunch, but whether this Osama Obama guy makes the cut remains to be seen).


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  1. So frustrating! I can’t wait another week! BTW, I just saw the ad for the season premiere of CSI in my favorite gossip blogger’s site: “The show that changed television. The season that changes everything.” We should check it out. Oh, and I agree about the Hill. I would have voted for her.

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